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Leeds Now Live Blog – Monday 11th October 2021

Welcome to Leeds Now live blog where I will post updates on news live as it happens, as well as updates on what my fellow students are up to.

10:27am – Good Morning!

Good morning everyone, I’m Caitlin Bardsley and I will be your live blogger today. Stay tuned for our hourly bulletins up until 3pm where our team will showcase their hard days work. Definitely stick around, there are some great stories out there. For now I will be bringing you up to date with the latest news as it’s happening. Grab yourself a cup of tea, we’re in for the long haul.

10:31am – Uncertainty ahead.

Is it COVID-19? Is it a cold? Is it just the flu? These are the questions we ask ourselves when we’re feeling a little off. As the winter months approach, Health Security Agency, Jenny Harries that the UK is facing uncertainties in the winter with the spread of the coronavirus and the flu. She went on to tell the BBC, “More significant risk of death and serious illness.” Still, this shouldn’t discourage you from getting the vaccine. If you can, get it.

11:11am – Prince Andrew off the hook.

The Met police have said they are taking no further action against the Duke of York, after allegations of sexual assault claimed by Virginia Giuffre, now Victoria Roberts. Ms Roberts claims she was sexually assaulted in various locations by the prince. These locations include London, New York, and Jeffery Epstein’s private island. She was 17 at the time. It was said in June that the met would complete it’s review into the allegations but after reviewing, they would be taking no further actions. Thoughts?

11:21am – Sexual assault complaints in the police force.

Forces were asked how many sexual assault cases were made against police officers between 2016 and 2020. It came out that at least 750 allegations were made about serving police officers. This data came from 31 police forces in England, Wales and Scotland. It is said that the most complains made against these officers were male. It has not said whether these officers were on duty at the time of the assault. This came about following the murder of Sarah Everard after Wayne Couzens, an active police officer at the time, kidnapped and murdered Everard back in March.

11:30am- Hard at work!

Smiley faces all around after the success of the first bulletin!

11:36am – Prince of sympathy.

Prince Charles, talked to the BBC about climate change and activists such as extinction rebellion, and why he understands why they do what they do. Activists have been known for blocking roads, causing drivers angers with some needing to get to the hospital to their sick relative. Charles commented on this form of protest saying that “it isn’t helpful.” In the interview he goes on to say that more needs to be done and he understands why the younger generation are frustrated because nothing is being done. In Glasgow in November, a climate UN conference will happen, but the prince is afraid they would “just talk” instead of acting.

11:52am – Pregnant women & COVID-19.

It has been said that from 1st July to the 30th September, 17% of covid patients, who are using a lung-bypass machine, are pregnant women who have not had their first dose of the vaccine. The NHS have urged mothers to be to get their vaccine.

12:02pm – ASOS boss quits!

Chief executive, Nick Beighton, is stepping down after 6 years at the company, as the rising cost are set to hit it’s profits. ASOS have also said that that 2022’s profits could fall by 40%. As more people turned to online shopping during the lockdown, it has resulted in them having a cost saving of £67.3m.

12:08pm – Another bulletin success!

Sports reporter Brett Poskett goes live for the latest updates.

12:15pm – Winter road deathtraps.

With winter approaching and the weather changing, it’s only a matter of months until the ice hits the UK. With the lack of glitter drivers, Local Government Chiefs, warn that the roads could turn into death traps! Local authorities are in desperate need for people able to drive large salt lorries to come forward for the winter months.

12:37pm – Hit n Run.

A 16 year old boy is in a critical condition after a hit n run in Altrincham, Greater Manchester. The car in question is a stolen purple Scirocco Volkswagen which fled the scene. The unnamed boy is currently in hospital being treated for a serious head injury. Anyone with information has been urged to call Serious Collision Unit on 0161 856 4741.

12:43pm – Benjamin Mendy denied bail.. again.

Manchester City footballer Benjamin Mendy, who has been accused of rape and sexual assault, has been denied bail for the third time. The French international, aged 27, has seriously denied these claims, but has been charged with four counts of rape and one count of sexual assault.

12:47pm – World Mental Health Day.

Fellow reporter Daniel Flynn will be covering World Mental Health Day. Looking forward to seeing this one, such an important day. Don’t forget to check it out!

1:02pm – 1pm bulletin success!

Bulletin presenter, Alyssa Keene in the studio getting ready for the next bulletin.

1:10pm – Marcus Rashford mural defaced update.

After the defeat in the Euro 2020 finals, a mural appeared of Marcus Rashford in his home town. The police believe since said the graffiti is not racially motivated, but people think otherwise. This comes after Rashfords failed penalty in the finals where he experienced extreme racism, along with his fellow teammates, Jadon Sancho and Bukayo Saka, who also missed penalties. Now, CCTV footage have caught someone lingering around the mural the night before it was defaced. Police want to talk to this man.

1:15pm – Whistleblower to appear before UK Parliament.

Facebook whistleblower Frances Haugen accuses Facebook creator, Mark Zuckerberg of ‘putting profit ahead of safety.’ Haugen claims that Facebook damages children’s mental health and stokes diversion in society. Zuckerberg labelled this claim as ‘illogical’. Ms Haugen will appear before The Online Safety Bill on October 25th.

1:30 – International Day of The Girl.

October 11th is the Day of The Girl, a day in which the United Nations aim’s to recognise women’s rights, issues and opportunities around the world. Each year are themes, with this year’s being technology, it shows how it can empower and encourage girls to advance to gender equality. Check out #DayoftheGirl hashtag on Twitter for more.

1:35pm – Tinder & Instagram predator jailed.

Roland Lamin, aged 31 who has no fixed address, raped one girl in his car after meeting her on Tinder. In another incident he plied 2 girls with alcohol before sexually assaulting them. In another attempt he tried to groom a 16 year old on Instagram. From reports it seems that Lamin claimed to be younger than he actually was.

2:11pm – Dads unite.

Angels United Football team helps dads who have lost their child cope with grief. The team played a memorial match on the 10th October which kick marked the start of Baby Loss Awareness Week. Angels United played against another team called Sands United, who are also a team of fathers who are grieving. One father has described it ‘a club no one wants to be apart of.

2:14pm – Final Bulletin!

The 2pm bulletin has been and gone with great success. Stay tuned for 3pm for the full programme.

3:00pm – Thank you.

Newsday 3 was a success! Thank you for joining me and I hope you have a good evening!

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