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A huge drop in public transport as lockdown hit the country.

yellow train
Photo by James Francis
As lockdown hit and cases rose public transport rates decreased massively as no one was travelling except key workers.

As lockdown hit the country there was a huge drop in public transport. As only key workers were allowed to commute to work the transport industry took a huge hit as barely anyone was travelling.

The graph below is displaying the drop in airport traffic as the pandemic started. As the cases of corona rises the airport traffic dramatically reduces. Because travelling was off limits and cases were rising that explains the drop in air traffic.

As the traffic completely dropped this meant that cyclists had more freedom on the so there was a huge rise in cyclists on the road. A cyclist Phil McGrellis spoke about how when he was in lockdown “when the pandemic was at its peak the roads were silent it was lovely having the freedom out on the roads. my friends and I went cycling more than ever.”

The traffic congestion in Leeds from the end of 2019 through to 2020 dropped massively as no one was driving.

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