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Residents of Hyde Park no longer surprised at attempted house burglaries

Hyde Park, a well known student area, has been growing a bad reputation over the years with attempted crimes no longer shocking the residents.
You haven't added a credit to your images yet! Various areas in Hyde Park have been victims to attempted crimes

It’s not out of the ordinary to stumble across an article or a facebook page talking about some sort of crime that has happened or was attempted in Hyde Park.

Gemma Hill, a Hyde Park resident, had recently caught a burglar hanging half way through her ground floor bedroom window in her second year home.

You haven't added a credit to your images yet! Gemma Hill outside her bedroom window

The man dressed in all black, including a balaclava used to cover his identity, had nearly been successful. He was halfway into her bedroom when Gemma had woken up from her sleep.

“I had a feeling somebody was watching me, when I saw that my feeling was correct I froze in shock. I let the scene roll out in front of me until I had a bright blue light pointed in my direction.”

After noticing her being awake the unknown man said nothing and left with no sign that he was ever there.

You haven't added a credit to your images yet! The inside of a ground floor bedroom in Hyde Park

“I felt differently in the moment but thinking about it now it was quite comical really, I was like a deer caught in the headlights.”

Gemma believes it was her laptop being left on show which enticed the burglar.

You haven't added a credit to your images yet! Many houses in Hyde Park can be seen with metal bars on the doors and windows.

Jahmai Richards, also a Hyde Park resident, fell victim to a more vicious attempted burglary which ended up leaving his front door window smashed.

You haven't added a credit to your images yet! Recent attempted burglary left front door window smashed and covered in foam

A can of expanding foam was thrown through the glass window on the front door in an attempt to reach the door handle to open the door.

“I ran down as soon as I heard the smash. I went to catch the person but I could not see anyone around.”

The police have been in contact and have been residing in the house as one of the bedrooms is being considered an active crime scene with the attempted robbery potentially being a part of something bigger.

The police denied any statements being made due to the case being ongoing.

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