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Leeds Nightclubs urged to boost security measures after boycotting campaign

credit: Megan Dobbyn
The streets of Leeds on Wednesday night were left empty after a campaign to boycott nightclubs took place.

After many students and young adults decided to stay indoors to support the boycotting of nightclubs in Leeds, nightclubs and pubs have decided to take action to support the movement and improve the safety of women. Their aim is to boost the level of security at events and tackle the ongoing issue of spikings that is happening nationally.

This ongoing issue has only been escalated throughout social media as more cases are reported and shared; without the boycotting campaign that was set on Wednesday night, this issue may have not been highlighted to the public. Now that awareness has been raised, thanks to movements like this one, it might now be recognised by nightclubs and pubs to take action so that they can help to make young adults feel safe when they go out at night.

Nightclubs throughout Leeds have announced their interest in the ‘girls’ night in’ movement by sharing the featured content on their own social media platforms.

Pryzm in Leeds city centre decided to close their own doors in support of the boycott, showing that they are willing to take precautionary measures to ensure the safety of young adults and are offering all guests free anti-spiking devices.

The ‘girls night in’ movement aims to reset young women’s trust when clubbing and to help them feel safe in these circumstances. The hope is that young adults and clubs in major cities like Leeds, take this and make the fundamental changes needed.

Either by implementing more compulsory searches before entry into nightclubs as outlined in other social media posts, and encourage to make it a requirement for door staff and bouncers to search everyone thoroughly before they enter the premises of nightclubs and pubs.

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