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Take Me Out Triumph for The Box

Large turnout for Take Me Out Halloween Special despite the rise in COVID cases and recent spiking panic.

By Isabelle Ellerington-Holden

Last night, the iconic ‘Take Me Out’ returned to The Box in Headingley for its Halloween Special. The fun-filled night saw lots of drama, with nine single boys each taking to the stage in an attempt to find a match. The event saw a large turnout, with huge crowds gathering to watch, despite the recent spiking panic and a rise in COVID cases across the nation.

You haven't added a credit to your images yet! Take Me Out contestants (image credit- author)

Emma Holmes, team supervisor at The Box Headingley, and organiser of last night’s event said “We were definitely apprehensive about tonight, and were very conscious about putting people at ease following recent events.” 

The previous night, Wednesday 27th October, saw students across Leeds boycotting popular nightclubs and bars in order to put pressure on the venues to take spiking more seriously. Security guard, Mark Griffin, detailed precautions which are being taken, stating that “every single bag, whether it belongs to a male or female, is being searched”. 

Covid cases have been rising rapidly across the country, with 3,991 confirmed cases reported in Leeds over the past week. When asked about the recent surge, Holmes said    “we do have a capacity on the building, and door staff are constantly monitoring who’s coming in and out, to ensure we stick to the capacity guidelines. Most people have been double jabbed, so it’s now up to the individuals to decide what’s best for them regarding covid. ” 

Keeping the audience entertained for the night was host Callum Wade, who has been presenting events at the box for the past six years. He described the night as a success, saying “I’ve absolutely loved it tonight. The atmosphere has been unbelievable. We’ve missed it for 18 months due to covid, so it’s brilliant to finally be back”.

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    You’ve made an effort to find a strong news line for what is essentially a write-up of an event. You’ve got some good quotes from your primary sources, and used them well in your story. Your strapline is also good.
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