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Flights during the pandemic

aerial view of airport with lots of airplanes
Photo by Skyler Smith
Since the first lockdown was announced, the flight industry has taken a massive hit and is still yet to go back to pre-covid figures.

When the first lockdown was announced and borders started to close, it was inevitable that flights were going to be massively impacted. Between April and June, no flights left or landed in Leeds Bradford airport.

Even after flights started again, they haven’t gone back to the amount before the pandemic and remained below 5,000 a month until July 2021 where there were just over 10,000 flights that went in and out of Leeds Bradford airport.

This has had a massive effect on flight companies. Jet2 are based at Leeds Bradford airport and have had to let go 104 pilots and 380 members of cabin crew were confirmed to be let go in June 2020 due to budget cuts from lack of revenue coming in.

We couldn’t get a statement from Jet2 about the impact that the pandemic has had on airline companies at this time.

Active traveller, Johnny Ball, feels that in his experience, airports have operated a lot quicker since the pandemic started but was surprised that during a trip away in August 2020, social distancing wasn’t enforced on airplanes. 

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