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E-bike scheme coming to the streets of Leeds

The City of Leeds are pending review of a new E-Bike scheme that may be announced

Around 600 bikes and 140 docking station are possibly heading for the streets of Leeds in attempts to make the community healthier.

If the scheme does go ahead, it will cover both the city centre and the surrounding areas where demand is highest. It is also possible to expand in the future.

The £2 million funding bid for the scheme is currently in the process of being approved by the Leeds City Council. There would be several different methods for people to hire the e-bike, including memberships and pay-as-you-go. The prices will be then set once an operator is found with an aim to keep It comparable to public transport fees.

The manager of Woodrup Cycles, a family owned cycle business said there have been plenty of E-Bike schemes introduced in the past but “they always end up being a waste of money. It’s a good incentive but it never works out the way they expect it to.”

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