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Mass vaccination centre in Leeds closed down to make space for more

person in brown long sleeve shirt with white bandage on right hand
Photo by Steven Cornfield
The biggest vaccination centre in Leeds has been closed down to make room for multiple more.

The main Leeds Covid-19 vaccination centre on Elland Road closed on the 25th March, this was in order to provide a wide range of clinics and temporary ‘pop ups’ across the city.

The Vaccination centre was placed next to the Leeds United stadium on Elland Road. Since opening in February 2021, there were over 460,000 jabs and boosters given out. With the team including more than 30 staff, the introduction of multiple pop ups and clinics did not seem like such a bad idea.

Volunteers flooded the doors when the vaccination centre first opened and there has been no doubt that that this will be the case again.

One of the Volunteers at the Elland Road centre, Nia Hampton said the experience was eye opening and helped her get over her annoyance of Covid-19.

“The opening of multiple pop ups around the city will be really beneficial in the promotion of vaccines.”

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